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While we love us a bit of consumer technology over at TechSmart, household appliances seldom find their way to the top of our interest list. Samsung’s new washing machine range piqued our interest though since it purports to offer advanced technology in addition to supreme eco-friendliness.

The Deep Foam washing machine range was launched in South Africa today, with these new machines incorporating a unique bubble generating feature for a quicker washing time, while also being rated as the most energy efficient washing machine in the world.

With its A+++ energy rating, the machine is sure to save you a penny or two at the end of the month, in addition to lessening stresses on the planet, no matter how small it might be.

The machine utilises bubbles to completely and efficiently dissolve washing detergent, which allows it to penetrate clothes 40 times faster than traditional detergent water. This is done by generating bubbles through dissolving detergent with air and water as the washing cycle begins.

Samsung believes that in addition to penetrating clothes better than ever before, the bubbles created by the Deep Foam machine also helps protect clothes by removing left-over detergent as well as cushioning clothes from the effects of washing.

Due to this thorough yet delicate washing procedure, the machine is capable of washing items such as wool, silk and hard to manage outdoor clothing made from water repellent materials.

One of the key reasons why the new machine is so efficient is due to its ability to wash clothes perfectly in low-temperature water. Conventional washing machines uses heated water to wash clothes, but thanks to the Deep Foam's unique cold washing abilities it saves up to 70% in energy expenditure.

The new range of Deep Foam Washing machines also features a 20% larger door, 15 minute quick wash sessions, an easy iron function and a wide LED display.

The range is available in white and silver guises and offers various drum load sizes and dimension options. The new Samsung Deep Foam washing machines are available now through all major retailers starting at an RRP of R3 299.


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