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Last month Valve announced that it would be conducting voluntary software surveys on Steam users’ PC’s to determine what kind of software is most commonly used.

Valve scanned the systems of participating users by checking the Programs and Features in the control panel to create a list of all the installed software. The results makes for some interesting reading.

According to the report, most Steam users prefer Firefox as their Internet browser, with a 63.05% representation. Other browser are far off the mark, with Internet Explorer coming in at 19.82% and Google Chrome sporting only 11.56% of the user base.

Apart from Steam, which is obviously installed on 100% of responding PC’s, the top programs aren’t wholly unexpected. Adobe Flash Player takes the top spot with 96.79% of users having the program installed. In second place, another Adobe product, this time Adobe PDF reader with 73.18%.

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Silverlight (the company’s flash competitor), Windows Live Messenger, WinRAR and Skype are also among the top dogs.

µTorrent is the most popular torrent downloader with a reach of 29.41% while 30.73% of users have iTunes installed.

“The new software component of our survey helps us understand what else our customers are using their PC’s to do, and as a result, what features we can deliver or leverage to make Steam and our games better,” Valve said in a statement last month.

The results currently reflect the PC environment , with Mac results coming soon. Check out the full list here.


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