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Zakumi to hit TV screens in cartoon series
An animation company in Hong Kong, Jidou Studios, has co-produced a new cartoon series which features the 2010 FIFA World Cup mascot Zakumi. According to The News Market, the 20-episode series is about Zakumi’s travels around the country with a group of children on a bus, who learn about sportsmanship and how to become adults. This is only the second time in World Cup history that the mascot has its own TV show, after Ato, Kaz and Nik, the 2002 FIFA World Cup mascots.  
New World Cup 2010 internet scam
Symantec researchers have discovered a new 2010 World Cup Lottery scam doing the rounds on the web, whereby unsuspecting victims receive an e-mail claiming to have emanated from the promotions manager of the South Africa World Cup Lottery 2010. The scammers also claim that this lottery is sponsored by the South African Football Association (SAFA). The recipient is informed in an attachment that their e-mail address has been randomly chosen by a specially designed computer program and that they have won $2.5 million (almost R20 million). 
“While at first glance this scam may appear credible, with official-looking logos, reference numbers and the like, a dead giveaway is the poor grammar,” explains Symantec’s Paul Wood. “Also, on closer inspection, while this scam claims to be from the South Africa World Cup Lottery, it uses the logo of the United Kingdom National Lottery.
NDRIVE to direct you on bada phones
NDRIVE Navigation Systems SA yesterday announced the forthcoming availability of its navigation software, with on-board maps for Samsung’s bada mobile operating system (OS). The company’s navigation software is currently undergoing an approval process for availability in the Samsung application store. It is set to be introduced with maps of Portugal and Spain with additional countries and regions following shortly thereafter. 
“Samsung is a heavyweight in the mobile industry; it was therefore natural for us to support their new bada operating system,” said Luis Baptista-Coelho, CEO at NDrive. “The Wave handset is a great device and I guess there will be many others to follow. This means millions of customers likely to be interested in easy to use and affordable navigation software”.
iPod touch now with free G-Connect Wi-Fi
The Core Group and WirelessG have announced a new bundling deal, which sees consumers who purchase an iPod touch from an authorised Apple retailer, reseller or the G-Connect website receiving a year’s worth of free Wi-Fi access valued at about R600. According to Carel van der Merwe, WirelessG CEO, the R49 worth of complementary access a month translates into between 100 MB and 140 MB of Wi-Fi downloads per month, depending on the time of day users make use of the promotion. 
“Vouchers offered with this promotion are redeemable in conjunction with our standard, super weekend and happy-hour Wi-Fi rates of 49c, 45c and 35c per MB respectively and unused data balances roll over into the following month, giving customers maximum value.”
Connect with FNB at Wi-Fi hotspots countrywide
First National Bank (FNB) is offering its FNB Connect customers free voice access at selected Wi-Fi hotspots around South Africa, including ACSA airports like OR Tambo and certain Southern Sun hotels. Not only is the data charge (voice access) at the Wi-Fi hotspots free for FNB Connect customers, but they will also be able to call other FNB Connect users and FNB call centres free of charge, once they have logged on. 
“Football fever is running high throughout South Africa and we understand that people would want to stay in touch with family and friends and talk about their experiences and matches they might have gone to. Through this offering we give our customers FREE voice access at major airports, hotel chains and social franchises and in some instances the ability to make a call at absolutely no charge” say Luis Simoes, FNB Connect CEO.


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