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Fastest fingers in the country
Capetonians are often thought to be accustomed to a more laid back, slower pace of life than their counterparts from the Highveld. This however doesn’t ring true when it comes to their texting ability on mobile phones.
Two Capetonians, Olivia Burton (15) and Wilbur Hough (23), have proved to be South Africa’s fastest texters during last night’s National Championship of the LG Mobile World Cup. Burton took top honours with 245 points and Hough came in second, notching up just 23 points less than Burton.
Burton won R50 000, while Hough bagged R20 000 and both will represent SA in New York in January 2011 during the LG Mobile World Cup World Championships.
Symbian manufacturer exodus
First it was reported that Sony Ericsson (SE) made Android its preferred operating system platform and will not be dropping any new devices running on Symbian. Now Samsung has announced that it is going to be closing its Symbian developer forum and remove all of the Symbian content by the end of the year.  
Nokia on the other hand remains fully committed to the OS platform and will be bringing the N8 smartphone, which is the first handset to feature the company’s revamped Symbian S^3 mobile operating system to the country soon.
Microsoft: Kin took attention away Windows Phone 7
During an interview with The Seattle Times, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer gave his thoughts on the company’s failed Kin mobile phones and Google. 
“The No. 1 message from Kin is a message of focus…it just defocused activity from Windows Phone [7 OS],” Ballmer said.
Regarding its main search competition in the form of Google, Ballmer stated that, “Our maps are better, our images are better, our picture is different. And Google keeps responding. In a sense, because we have lower share, it’s almost easier for us to try new things. ... They’re starting to look at the stuff we’re doing and copying it back. What is it? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”
More Americans watch videos on Facebook
The social networking site Facebook has surpassed Yahoo in terms of online video viewership in the US, to take the second place behind Google. Based on data from marketing research company comScore, Google Sites raked in 146.274 million unique viewers during the month of August and had a total of 1.9 billion overall viewing sessions. Users spent an average of about 4.5 hours viewing internet videos on sites like YouTube.
Facebook took the second spot with 58.596 million viewers and 243 million viewing sessions, whilst Yahoo was third with 53.929 million viewers.
Lexmark adds six new smart solutions to printers
Lexmark has launched six additions to its SmartSolutions programme. These latest additions have been grouped under the category ‘Forms and Templates’ and will assist users with saving in time and printing costs. 
The new SmartSolutions allow users to easily print useful blank forms directly from the company’s Web-connected all-in-one printers. Some of these forms and templates include graph and lined paper, blank sheet music as well as wall calendars. All of these templates will be able to be printed without needing to use a PC.
Lexmark is also announcing additional forms and templates including stationery, fax cover sheets and certificates, all of which will be available for use next month.


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