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Spring might have sprung, but your body is still carrying the excesses of winter. The virtues of are spreading, getting geeks like us into much better shape. Elan Lohmann, founder of Sleekgeek provides some helpful tips.

1. Make a start – right now!
2. Steve Jobs was correct. Even with our health you must find an activity and plan you enjoy else you will never be any good at it, nor sustain it. But you may need to invest time to find that thing you love. When you do, you will never look back.
3. Formulate a plan with goals, almost like a personal business plan. Decide what fitness level you want to achieve by when and set an incentive. Tell everyone else so that you have pressure to perform.
4. Understand that a better body is easier than you think with some discipline. Having cancer is hard. Coming off heroine is hard. Not eating a cupcake is not hard, it is a choice.
5. Understand that when you choose a healthy alternative that you are gaining, and not sacrificing. It is a means to achieve your goal.
6. Deprivation is not sustainable, so try different things until you find something you can enjoy. Getting fit and healthy should be fun and rewarding, never a chore.
7. We are geeks so we love gear, gadgets and tracking analytics. Use all the tools available to challenge not only yourself but also your friends.
8. No excuses. Remember that when it comes to your body you can have results or excuses – but you cannot have both.
9. Be patient with results, they can take a while to appear and often most give up too soon. Persist. When they come they will be exponential and worth the work. They say it takes four weeks for you to see your results, eight weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the world. Don’t give up.
Interested in a better you? The people get results, with amazing transformations occurring in eight weeks. You can also take up their Summer Body Challenge (with R80 000 in prizes) and build the new you.
If you need further motivation and support from an incredible community that does not judge, join their Facebook group at
This article first appeared in TechSmart 108, September 2012


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