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TomTom today unveiled its new High Speed Multi-Charger, a charging solution that will enable users to charge up to three devices in their car at once, at up to four times the speed.

This amazing sounding solution was designed to make in-vehicle charging a breeze, since with this connected to your cigarette lighter, gadget lovers can charge more than one device at the same time. The charger ensures that your GPS and any other attached devices receive the right amount of power, so you never have to worry about anything dying while in the midst of driving or charging.

The High Speed Multi-Charger's two dedicated USB ports ensures that a charge isn't split between devices. In addition to a 1.2 amp USB charging port for MP3 players and mobile phones, there's also a 2.1 amp port to speed-charge high power devices such as an iPad or iPhone.

This allows for charging your devices up to four times faster than before without effecting the other port's performance. A dedicated 12V port is also supplied for charging in-car devices such as DVD players.

The High Speed Multi-Charger also benefits from TomTom's award-winning designs, creating a sleek and compact charger that works perfectly as an in-car, in-truck or even in-caravan charging solution.

“The TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger is truly game-changing,” says Daan Hendrickx, country manager for TomTom South Africa. “It's the first TomTom accessory that enables users to charge their TomTom device and other mobile devices at the same time – such as their phone or a power-hungry portable DVD player – and to charge them faster than with other chargers.”

The TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger seems like one of the most useful companions to take along on that upcoming holiday trip, allowing everyone in the car to keep their devices charged and ready, in turn making the trip that much more enjoyable. Those who travel often for work can also gain much use from the new charging solution.

The new TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger is available from mid-April at leading retailers nationwide for a recommended retail price of R247.


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