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General consensus has it that the Kyoto Protocol is a resounding failure.

Some blame the US and Australia for not getting on board, while other point out that it was doomed from the beginning, based as it is on the outdated ozone layer protection and acid rain prevention framework treaties.

The fruitless “accord” comes to an end in 2012, however, leaving room for a new framework. World leaders are set to meet at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in December of this year to start thrashing out the details of the potential agreement.

In what may prove a smart move, the Copenhagen Climate Council are currently staging the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Denmark. The WBS is bringing together business leaders, scientists, government representatives and thought leaders to develop recommendations for the next global treaty on climate change.

Basically the WBS is a consensus building and ideas forming conference. Such a move should help avoid tension between governments, the private sector and environmental activists, similar to the angst caused by Kyoto Protocol.

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, and Al Gore spoke at the summit yesterday to a gathering which included Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and various other dignitaries to impress the importance of building the political and commercial will to tackle climate change effectively.

Image: Copenhagen Climate Council/Peter Sørensen



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