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Vodacom has launched the VF 247 low-cost solar-powered cellphone, which was developed by Vodafone to enable users to charge it on the go.
The VF 247 sports an integrated solar panel as well as built-in Sun Boost software, enabling the phone to charge even when it’s not in direct sunlight. According to the Vodafone, charging it in sunlight for an hour or two each day should be sufficient for the needs of average users. If the battery runs on an overcast day, the phone can be charged using a traditional power charger.
“Cellphones are the primary means of communication for millions of South Africans and thanks to our association with Vodafone we’re able to supply this new solar powered handset which makes it as easy and practical as possible for people to connect,” stated Shameel Joosub, managing director of Vodacom South Africa.
“In many communities, electricity supplies are intermittent or non-existent, but with this new handset people won’t have to worry about when they are next going to be able to charge the battery.  It’s so simple and obvious, but the combination of solar power and a low-cost handset will hopefully make a big difference.”
This handset also features a high-temperature battery that can safely withstand increased operational temperatures, FM radio and torch. It can be purchased from Vodacom retail outlets for around R300.


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