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YouTube today announced the launch of a South African domain, giving South Africans the chance to use an interface with a local content flavour.
Local content shows up when you click on the Browse icon on the home page, as well as when you are searching Channels. This new space on YouTube is set to boost views of local videos and should give South Africans the chance to increase their exposure over YouTube. Google SA would not comment on whether is hosted locally.
There are already a number of partnership agreements that were signed before today’s launch, such as the one between YouTube and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). The SABC will be piloting a mix of older and current content on the channel and depending on the success of the pilot, will extend these pilots with the inclusion of a variety of its news, sport, soaps, dramas and comedies.
Users that find YouTube's regular service too bandwidth intensive can check out YouTube Feather. YouTube Feather is a beta offering which strips down the YouTube page for users with low-speed Internet connections. It can be found on YouTube's TestTube ideas incubator. 

“There’s something on YouTube for everyone, from amateur to professional content, the unexpected to the emotionally affecting, the educational to the entertaining,” said Chad Hurley, YouTube co-founder. “We’re very excited to bring a local version of YouTube to South Africa and we look forward to continuing to improve the YouTube experience for our South African users.”


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