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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has joined the likes of Bill Gates, George Lucas, Warren Buffett and 50 other billionaires in donating the majority of his wealth to charity. This is done as part of the Giving Pledge movement that co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates launched in August.

According to Gizmodo, Giving Pledge is the largest philanthropic movement ever conducted, with well over 50 billionaires around the world having already joined, pledging to give away most of their vast fortunes to charities. 
Along with Mark Zuckerberg, 15 other billionaires have signed up. Steve Case, AOL’s co-founder, Carl Icahn, private equity investor, Charles Zegar, a founding member of Bloomberg, and Ted Forstmann, CEO and Chairman of IMG, are just few of them. 
Facebook has recently undergone a 1.2% increase in their shares according to TechCrunch, now selling at $21.1 a share, putting the companies value at roughly $50 billion. 
With over 50 billionaires and most of them standing well above the $10 billion mark, poverty might some day be a thing of the past. No official charities have been named to receive these massive donations. For a full list of billionaires who have signed this pledge visit


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