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Local Apple fans will be glad to know that the South African release of the highly anticipated iPhone 4 is almost upon us. 

Last week mobile providers Vodacom and MTN, each of which will be releasing the iPhone 4, sent out invitations to the technology community and press for two separate launches due to occur tomorrow evening (21st of September). 
Although details behind the local launch of the iPhone 4 and the pricing structure behind it are still sketchy, we at TechSmart can confirm that both MTN and Vodacom are likely to release the device to market the following day. 
This is MTN’s first opportunity to make an iPhone model available to its subscribers. Until recently, Vodacom held exclusive rights to distribute these devices within the South African market. 
It is therefore not unexpected perhaps that both Vodacom and MTN’s events are occurring at the same time, just kilometres away from each other.
Since its launch earlier this year the iPhone 4 has been shrouded in controversy - primarily over antenna issues and dropped calls. Apple has however announced that the problem has been corrected and that iPhone 4 models are functioning as intended. 
In order to provide for the iPhone 4, both MTN and Vodacom will need to make MicroSIM cards available to subscribers. These are also utilised in Apple’s iPad tablet PC, which is rumoured to be released locally soon. 
Although no further details are available at present, we at TechSmart will keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available.


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