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When payday comes many companies are scrambling to have payslips printed in time, but now a new mobile solution might see the end of this. miPayslip (video posted below), a mobile payslip offering from Cellfind, enables organisations of all sizes to issue electronic payslips to any employee who has a cellphone.

With miPayslip, employers can send their employees a text message with a WAP link or a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) string that can be used to retrieve the payslip on their cellphones.
The corporate client simply sends the payroll data to Cellfind using an API, a web service or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and miPayslip will ensure that the payslip data reaches each employee in a timely and secure manner. A third party application is also available for corporate customers to keep who prefer to keep the solution in-house. 
The mobile payslip can be customised to each organisation's requirements, but will include basic information such as income, deductions, tax number and leave days as standard.
Says Jacques Swanepoel, MD of Cellfind, a subsidiary of Blue Label Mobile: "The benefits of this solution are significant for companies and employees alike. Organisations can now distribute electronic payslips to employees who do not have access to email. They can save a fortune on paper and distribution costs and do their bit for the environment by only printing out payslips when employees request them.” 
"Employees, meanwhile, will have immediate access to their payslips wherever they are. Non office-based employees will receive their payslips the day they were generated,” says Swanepoel. “They can also request historical information or a hardcopy of their payslip by sending an SMS to a short code or utilise a customised USSD menu.”
The miPayslip solution is securely hosted in Internet Solutions (IS) and Vodacom Business, and users need a pin code to access their payslips, thus guaranteeing the integrity and confidentiality of corporate payslip information. 


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