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Losing data can make people desperate and irrational, and it is in desperate times that people invent all manner of weird and wonderful theories as to how they can recover their data. Henk Smit from Tecleo Data Recovery Lab tackles some common data loss misconceptions.

Common myths include:

1. Data cannot be recovered once you have formatted a drive.

2. Data that has been deleted cannot be recovered.

3. Data that has been overwritten is recoverable.

4. The is a universal tool available that can recover data from all hard disk drives irrespective of the drive's state.

5. There are devices that can be placed next to a computer  in order to extract the data from a faulty hard disk drive.

6. A hard disk drive can be wiped by placing a strong magnet close to the drive.

7. Data is always recoverable.

8. Moving the hard drive platters is the answer to any data loss problem.

9. Placing a hard disk drive in a refrigerator solves hard disk failures issues.

10. Blue laser technology can be used for data recovery.

Contact Tecleo on 0860 600 800 or visit should you be a victim of any potential data loss situation.


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