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B&D System Engineers believes businesses can transform the way they communicate and save a significant 80% on line rentals and call charges, by taking advantage of 3CX IP PBX + VoIP.

3CX IP PBX is based on the SIP standard and therefore works with leading SIP phones, VoIP gateways and Telkom lines. Additionally, businesses could replace their proprietary PABX with 3CX Phone System for Windows and effectively evolve their business communications.

Benefits & features

The benefits offered by the 3CX Phone System are compelling. For cost-conscious businesses, no doubt, of greatest interest will be the potential budget benefits. For starters, the 3CX Phone System is considerably less expensive than a traditional PABX system. Furthermore, using a VoIP service provider can not only reduce call costs substantially, it also allows users to easily work remotely, providing them with the freedom to be anywhere and still be in contact as if they were in the office.

Additionally, users can use low cost and flexible VoIP providers as phone lines, or keep existing Telkom phone lines with a VoIP Gateway. Many leading SIP Phones are interoperable with 3CX including the likes of Yealink, Snom, Cisco and GrandStream.

The 3CX Phone System further offers numerous features, including:

  • Call transfer, integrated voice mail, digital receptionists, call queues and ring groups.
  • Click 2 Call from Outlook and other CRMs, with full logging.
  • Integrated call recording.
  • Unified messaging - enabling voice mail messages and faxes to be forwarded to one's mailbox.
  • The ability to work from home or off-site with a remote extension or intelligently forward calls to mobile.
  • Built-in 3CXPhone softphone or compatibility with popular IP HD phones from Yealink, GrandStream and Snom, amongst others.
  • No separate phone wiring, use existing wired IP network (LAN or WAN).
  • Configuration and management via its web-based management console.
  • Growth with clients' business as it offers an unlimited number of extensions.

3CX can automatically configure most SIP phones with the appropriate extension settings, saving users on installation and setup time. This further saves business money while granting the benefits from all the commercial features provided by 3CX PBX.


B&D System Engineers will arrange a convenient appointment to visit your business, in a bid to better understand your requirements and fully explain the features and cost savings of having its 3CX phone system installed. Contact B&D System Engineers on 012-663-1515 for a free no obligation quotation.


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