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Founded in 1989 in Taipei, Taiwan, by four former Acer computer engineers, Asus gets its name from the Pegasus, the mythological winged horse of Greek mythology. Like the mythical creature after which it's named, Asus has managed to reach new heights in the IT sector.

Asus (officially known as ASUSTeK Computer Inc.) is the jack of all IT trades within the IT world, since it designs and manufactures a broad range of enterprise and consumer focussed products that includes motherboards, graphics processors, displays, desktop PCs, all-in-one computers, notebooks, tablets, netbooks and mobile phones.

The Taiwanese firm is the top motherboard manufacturer globally, commanding a worldwide market share of nearly 40%. Around one in every three PCs around the world makes use of an Asus motherboard.

Eco-friendliness - a central value for the firm

One of Asus' core business philosophies is to strive to be among the world-class green high-tech leaders and to provide valuable contributions to humanity and the environment. The company's long list of achievements attests to Asus putting this philosophy into practice.

Asus became the first PC maker in the world to be awarded the IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management (IECQ HSPM) certification in 2012. This certificate means that the firm adheres to the strict European Union RoHS and WEEE directives, which encompasses the management and control of all substances used during the production process, in order to avoid any potential harmful impact on the environment.

Some of the company's other green accolades include being the only company to come up tops within two different categories within Greenpeace's 2010 electronics survey, which ranked electronic devices according to how eco-friendly they are. The Asus UL30A took top honours in the notebook category, whilst the company's VW-247H-HF display came first in the monitor section of the survey.

Last year all of the firm's notebooks complied with the US environmental protection agency and Department of Energy's Energy Star standards. In fact, the energy consumption of Asus' notebooks and netbooks were 35% better on average compared to the computer standard set by the Energy Star Program. Asus also became the first manufacturer to meet the requirements for the PAS 2060:2010 Standard for Carbon Neutrality, with this certification making the U53SD the first notebook to achieve net zero carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle.

Taking technology to new frontiers

Beyond its green credentials, Asus' products also feature excellent build quality and durability. A testament to this is the number of Asus products that have accompanied explorers on adventurous journeys to places like the top of Mount Everest. Asus' U5 was the first notebook to make it to the top of the world's highest peak, when it was carried to the summit of Mount Everest (8 848 m) by Captain Wang Yongfong during an expedition.

This was not the only occasion when this Taiwanese manufacturer's products had to function amid freezing conditions. On 16 December 2003 two mountaineers, Shi Wang and Jian Liu, set course for the summit of Mount Vinson, which is the tallest peak of Antarctica. The two intrepid explorers each took an Asus S200N notebook along to record their experience, with these notebooks never failing to boot up within this extreme climate.

Future outlook

Asus isn't just taking technology to new frontiers, it is also pushing the borders of innovation. This is being done via new products such as the Asus TAICHI, an ultrabook boasting a double-sided display, which enables it to serve as a tablet when its lid is closed. The company's products scooped a whopping 3 886 international awards and accolades during 2011. With innovative technology the likes of the TAICHI, as well as products like the Windows 8-powered Tablet 810 and Windows RT-operating Tablet 600 in the pipeline, 2012 is shaping up to be even more amazing.


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