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In celebration of the availability of the very first touch-only BlackBerry Curve smartphone, the Curve 9380, Research In Motion (RIM) has launched a ten week long competition called Touch Awesomeness. This browser-based competition has entrants completing ten tasks of “Awesomeness” on a weekly basis, giving them a chance to net one of ten all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 smartphones. One of these sleek new offerings will be up for grabs each and every week.

Besides the chance to net an amazing new BlackBerry Curve smartphone, entrants will also earn a set amount of points for completing each week’s task. The person with the most points at the end of the ten weeks, will be able to park a brand new Audi A1 1.4 TFSI in their garage at home.

What you need to do

The first week’s task is called Record Your Song and it provides entrants with the chance to hone their vocal skills, before the next round of SA Idols auditions hit the country. You simply record yourself rapping or singing and then add one of the premixed musical tunes to complete your song. Amongst others, you can choose from having a kwaito, rave, hip hop or rock tune acting as the base track for your recorded vocals.

We found the entire process to be incredibly simple since all you need to do is hit one button to lay down your revolutionary lyrics, and then choose your backtrack from a list, with the site handling the mixing of both of these as well. Once we were done we uploaded our song, entitled “In touch with tech”, opening our competition points account with a cool ten points in the process. We then proceeded to vote for this track (yes, that’s how we roll) adding yet another point.

Unfortunately, the competition has now entered week two, so the first week’s Curve 9380 has already been awarded, however, you can still enter the competition and complete week one’s task to get some points behind your name. Enter by registering at


About the new Curve

RIM’s new Curve 9380 smartphone is powered by a Marvel Tavor MG1 processor clocked at 806 MHz, which enables smooth and fast navigation of its BlackBerry 7 operating system. You access this phone’s extensive list of features via its 3.2" (360 x 480 pixels, 188 pixels per inch) touchscreen. Also onboard is a 5 MP fixed-focus camera with LED flash enables users to capture detailed photos that features vivid colours.


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