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Many companies struggle with two core processes central to any efficient business - electronic content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM). Luckily a solution is at hand: FileBound Express.

Essentially an EDMS and BPM solution rolled into one, FileBound facilitates paperless workflow, creating not just an automated office environment, but an "automated business" environment - starting from less than R1000 per month.

FileBound Express provides everything you need right in the box, with a simple set-up process that requires little more than plugging the Express appliance into your network. Onboard you"ll find all the tools required to scan paper documents, import images from your office copier, and save electronic documents from Microsoft Word or other applications.

This is an ideal solution that delivers on the promises of document security, control, and access without the technical complexity and cost typically associated with Document Management Solutions.

Use FileBound Express for:

1. Document Management

Today's organisations need document management systems that go beyond mere document creation and electronic filing. You need the ability to control documents throughout your organisation so they"re secure and accessible.

2. Business Process Management

FileBound enables you to automate repetitive business processes using configurable workflow, ensuring that these tasks are completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. That means you can monitor and measure performance and ensure optimum output from your business and its most costly resource - your staff.

3. Easy integration with your business

The FileBound Solution integrates directly with popular applications such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.This allows for instant archival of items such as purchase orders, delivery notes, e-mails, mail attachments, invoices, and other important documents. FileBound is compatible with your existing office copier or multifunction device, so no special scanners are required to convert your paper and hard copy documents into electronic format as they are received.

4. Regulatory and legal compliance

FileBound simplifies compliance by ensuring your business easily meets its legal and regulatory document storage requirements. It helps you to speed up month-end cycles and lengthy audit processes with its quick and user-friendly system functionality.


How "freedom from paper" works

  • FileBound simplifies indexing and archiving of all types of electronic content, making it easy to store, find and use.
  • Workflow and Business Process Management allows you to "automate" staff and ensure they are accountable for their tasks.
  • The system supports unlimited users.
  • 24/7 file access from anywhere in the world - no need to be able to access your paper records.
  • Password security based on user rights.
  • Integrates with all current software and hardware including Microsoft Office.
  • No paper means FileBound is a "green" solution.
  • Easy finance with no upfront fees.

FileBound Express specifications:

  • Pre-installed with FileBound Document Management Software.
  • Easy to install plug and play network appliance.
  • Connects to any corporate network with an ethernet cable.
  • Provides ten concurrent user access, with unlimited logins.
  • Two million document storage license.
  • Automatic scheduled backups.
  • Ten pre-configured applications with easy setup configuration wizard.

Wanted: Resellers

As one of the best integrated systems on the market, FileBound Express offers the ability for IT resellers, copier vendors and PC dealers to offer a complete solution to their clients. Reseller opportunities are available, call Stephen Rufener on 082-558-4003 right now.

For more information about FileBound Express, contact FileBound on 0861-FILE IT (3453 48), or visit


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