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Now more than ever before, the demand for bandwidth is increasing. Many companies rely on the internet for email, VoIP services and video conferencing, making it an essential tool for business. Fast and reliable connectivity is king though, and 100% always-on internet is a must. The Peplink Balance range of solutions can secure much needed internet up-time.

Peplink Products

Peplink Balance overview

The Peplink Balance's world-leading internet load balancing and VPN bonding solution lets you take control of your WAN and improves internet connectivity, all with one easy-to-manage device. Able to intelligently distribute network traffic over multiple WAN links, including up to 13 DSL, cable, 4G, and 3G, the Peplink optimises traffic via its outbound traffic manager and DSL/Cable Optimisation Technology. Even with the most strenuous network traffic, the Peplink scales on demand to provide fast internet when you need it most. Should a connection fail, the Peplink Balance automatically switches to a healthy link in less than a second, seamlessly maintaining internet connectivity and corporate VPN functionality. Using Peplink's unique VPN bonding technology, you can aggregate the bandwidth of all available WAN links, significantly boosting speed, reliability, and failover performance.

  • Optimise network traffic by load balancing

    Peplink Balance gives you the flexibility to customise your network. Easily increase network speed and bandwidth by adding new internet links from multiple ISPs. Use higher bandwidth connections for critical cloud applications, and other connections for surfing the net to ensure smooth transfer.

  • Advanced load balancing algorithms

    Peplink gives you seven load balancing algorithms to fine-tune your network traffic. Create rules to distribute outbound traffic across all available connections and utilise bandwidth wisely. Using Weighted Balance to put more traffic on faster links, or Priority to keep routing traffic on your favoured connection, only takes a few clicks.

  • Link failover as backup

    If any of your connections fail, failover will take place and traffic will automatically be routed through other connections. With multiple connections, including 3G support, you can access the internet with no interruptions.

  • Host servers with confidence

    Peplink's Inbound Load Balancing Algorithms enable visitors to enter your server through different internet links to enhance the customers experience with faster response times and higher speeds. Hosting email, e-commerce, VoIP, and other business applications has never been easier, faster, and more reliable.

  • Better connection between offices with VPN bonding

    Replace your leased lines with multiple ADSL internet services and you'll still have an MPLS-grade secure private network with the innovative Site-to-Site VPN bonding. Peplink's VPN Bonding turns all available connections into one big internet pipe, giving your VPN tunnel the sum of bonded bandwidth. Communicating among your offices has never been faster and easier.

  • Email notification and Reporting Service

    The Peplink Balance can send out an email notification when an internet service goes down and a free Reporting Service can provide you with reports on usage and uptime of your internet links. Additional monitoring via major reporting protocols such as Syslog and SNMP, lets you monitor your network with the utility of your choice.

  • Works well with all ISPs

    Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) require the use of their own email server for a complete internet experience, causing applications to stop working if the user has a wrong configuration. Peplink Balance features SMTP Forwarding, allowing you to send out email promptly with the correct email server. Web Proxy Forwarding will direct traffic to the right server, even if the user setting is wrong. The network user will be able to surf the internet and send email as usual, saving time to troubleshoot for frustrated network users.

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For more information about the Peplink range, visit or contact Cyberlab at 011-664-8081.

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About Cyberlab

As appointed sub-distributor of the Peplink products in South Africa, Cyberlab does not only supply, configure and support Peplink products, but also assist companies to obtain the most from their available internet connections and other networking and server infrastructure.


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