By Thomas McKinnon 11 August 2009


Students who listen to podcasts of ­lectures (downloaded from iTunes university) achieve higher exam ­results than their classmates who don’t.

So claims a recent study by ­psychologist Dr. Dani McKinney from the State University of New York.

What McKinney’s study concludes is that exam results are improved by the ability to replay difficult parts of lectures or to add more­ ­information to notes than class times allow for. Podcasts, created by teachers and lecturers, allow for both.

If you do not have the benefit of lecture ­podcasts, Omnilog’s USB recorder is the ideal ­device to record lectures or classes. The device is a 1 GB USB flash disk that features an embedded microphone and a preinstalled audio application.

To record you simply switch the mic on via a slide on the side of the device. All recordings, up to 8 hours on a single charge, are then stored in a “Voice” folder on the device.

With Omnilog’s One-A-Log application you can convert the recorded .WAV files to MP3, amplify the sound (which proved very effective), and even tag sections of the recordings.

R1999 (excl VAT) from Omnilog on 0861-66-66-66, and less 25% if you produce a valid student card.

Omnilog???s One-A-Log application is simple but effective.
A few security features like biometirc protection or encryption of audio files would have been a nice addition.

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