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Boogie Board Writing Tablet

The Boogie Board 10.5" LCD Writing Tablet is a paperless, electronic alternative to memo pads, sticky notes, sketch books, dry erase boards and other writing or drawing mediums. The board, which is powered by two AAAA batteries, enables users to write and draw on the LCD screen with the included stylus, while varying the thickness of the lines drawn according to the pressure applied. 

Boogie Board RRP: R599 (10.5") and R399 (8.5").
Joby GorillaTorch Blade
The latest addition to the GorillaTorch range is the new Blade flashlight, which uses a powerful 130-lumen LED light. It is the first offering in the line to come with rechargeable batteries and it is also the first flashlight from Joby that is able to be removed from the tripod stand. The internal rechargeable battery charges from a USB port and can also be charged from the wall outlet via the included adapter.
The legs of the tripod are flexible and can be adjusted, making it possible to pan the flashlight 360-degrees and tilt it 180-degrees. This means that it can be attached (by utilising its handy magnetic “feet”) to a railing, to be employed as a security light by a poorly lit area around your home or business. The GorillaTorch’s light can be customised to spot or flood settings. 
Joby GorillaTorch Blade RRP: R599. 
EMTEC Flash Drives
As useful as portable flash drives are, they’re not the best looking gadgets in the IT toolbox. EMTEC’s wide range of USB flash drives is not just another generic grey stick. The EMTEC “Zoo” series includes a Panda, Teddy Bear, Mouse, and Panther, while the “Aquarium” range includes a Penguin, Dolphin, Sea Turtle and Clownfish. Good looks aside it, the storing, transporting and sharing usefulness of their fellow memory sticks are all intact. You can get them from The Gadget Shop on 012-346-2726. 
RRP: R155 for a 4 GB model.
Kymera Wand Remote Control 
The Kymera Wand is a TV remote that Harry Potter fans in particular will no doubt appreciate. Shaped like a magical wand, the 355 mm Kymera enables one to control the TV, DStv, stereo system or any other infra-red device via one of 13 gestures. Additionally, various moves can each be assigned a particular function, such as upward and downward flicks to change channels, while ‘pulses’ confirm gesture recognition.  
Kymera Wand RRP: R799.
ThunderBolt Lightning Detector
Lightning bolts can have a devastating if not fatal impact on the human body, and, given our summer storms, a handheld Lightning Detector could be a lifesaving gadget for those who work or play outdoors. The ThunderBolt Lightning Detector is a handheld device that detects lightning strikes and tracks active thunderstorms up to 120 km away and calculates the estimated time of arrival so as to give an indication of how much time one has to seek shelter.
The device also shows, using flashing LED lights, audible alarms and via Text Messages on its LCD backlit display, if there is one storm or multiple storms nearby, if the storm is heading away and not a threat, and how long it is safe to wait until resuming outdoor activities. This time is continuously updated and detects if the storm slows down or stalls. 
ThunderBolt Lightning Detector RRP: R6699. 
i-gotU GT-800 GPS and sports computer
The i-gotU GT-800 GPS caters for numerous outdoor and sporting activities. Particularly aimed at photographers, travellers and sports people, the 51 g device includes GPS functionality, a pedometer, stopwatch as well as a compass. Importantly it also logs your route, which can be particularly helpful when going on holiday, both locally and internationally. The device, which can either be worn like a watch or strapped onto one’s bike, can display current speed, average speed, distance, altitude, pace, laps and current time. The sports computer further boasts 64 MB of built-in memory, and can store up to 200 000 waypoints.
Thanks to the i-gotU GT-800’s waterproof design, it can endure up to one metre underwater for 30 minutes, while an operating temperature range of  -10°C to 50°C makes it further suitable for a variety of weather conditions. Also in the package is Sports Analyzer software to organise one’s workouts and the @trip PC software, which enables users to share their adventures online.
i-gotU GT-800 GPS RRP: R1099.
All these products are available from The G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop on 012-346-2726. They have stores in Brooklyn Mall, Centurion Mall and Randridge Mall. 


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