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Notebook stands are usually skeletal, plain-and-simple affairs. Griffin’s Elevator product is quite nice for the office since it raises your notebook to provide a more efficient typing position, but regular solutions such as the Ergo-Tilt offering simply gives your laptop a slight tilt and some space to breathe at the bottom. Neither looks very good, but is effective none the less. Enter Logitech’s opulent Speaker Lapdesk N700.

Sound and comfort
This laptop stand does more than simply tilt your laptop, if offers you two speakers on the side with 2 W of power, plus a fan at the bottom to keep your laptop cool. But, as they say in the ads, wait there’s more. The N700 is padded out at the bottom of with lovely soft sponge covered by air-mesh fabric, making it the ideal companion when working or watching movies on your lap since it's not only comfortable, but also keeps the heat from your laptop at bay.
Granted the 2 W speakers don’t exactly offer aural bliss and won’t do your Beatles: Remastered collection proud, but it’s a lot better than the speakers found on notebooks and actually quite loud. It connects via USB to your notebook, with the volume control buttons placed on the side. The fan runs quietly and can be turned off with a switch located just below the volume buttons.
There’s not much to crit the N700 on, except maybe the size - it is meant to stay put in one place and won’t exactly fit in your laptop bag. Also, with a RRP of R799 this luxury isn’t destined for everyone. Now, if only Logitech can work on a stand with a cooled can holder for their next version. Visit for more details.



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