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As much as convergence was meant to provide us with one device that would do it all, the reality is that we regularly carry with them multiple dedicated devices, each with their own power adapters.
This can lead to the annoying and all too common phenomenon of searching for available outlets in which to simultaneously recharge one’s smartphone, iPod, portable gaming console and the like.
The Uniross Power Pod universal charger aims to address and mitigate this tangled mess, by enabling users to charge up to six small mobile devices at the same time.
The power pod caters to a variety of connections, including those that rely on miniUSB and microUSB, and the proprietary dock favoured by iPods and the iPhone.
Additionally, smartphones by Nokia, Samsung, LG and BlackBerry, as well as the Nintendo DSi and Sony’s PSP are similarly catered to by the included ten interchangeable tips, which can be slotted into the power pod as needed, and then connect to the phone’s power port.
The PowerPod’s circular surface is home to four such connections, while the base offers up an additional two USB ports. It is available from Makro, DionWired and Incredible Connection for an RRP of R400. 
This article first appeared in TechSmart 110, available to read or download here.


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