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Two new accessory kits from UK-based Exspect will add value to your overall Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii gaming experiences.

The Exspect Xbox 360 Starter Pack is a handy accessory for any gamer wishing to bring some order to his cluttered gaming station. The Starter Pack includes a vertical stand for your Xbox 360 console, a holder for your Xbox 360 remote and two sections with space for up to six game cases or DVDs, all in one neat place. You can also look after these games, as well as your music CDs and DVDs, by cleaning them with the provided disk cleaning kit.

Fans of sport games and Wii accessory lovers should crack open the Wii 15-in-1 Accessory Pack which has devices supporting a whole host of game types from across the board. The gaming accessories included in the Accessory Pack is a golf club, a tennis racket, a baseball bat, a snooker cue, a steering wheel and a gun, all of which connects to your Wii-mote. There are also two Wii controller hand grips, two wrist straps for the Wii-motes and a Wii controller case. You''ll also find a silicone Wii controller skin, a silicone skin for the Wii nunchuck as well as two Wii controller protection facias. The protective cases, skins and facias will help keep all your peripherals out of sweat and dirt''s harmful ways.

Both are available from Incredible Connection with the Xbox 360 Starter Pack going for R249, and the Wii 15 in 1 Accessory Pack priced at R349.


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