By Hanleigh Daniels 13 April 2010


It's 2062 and humanity is teetering on the edge of extinction. Tiberium, the strange, extra terrestrial crystalline structure that has been plaguing Earth for decades, is about to render the planet uninhabitable. Enter Kane, leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, who claims to not just have developed a system to control Tiberium and exploit its power, but to put an end to the seemingly endless conflict between Nod and the Global Defense Initiative (GDI). Fast forward 15 years and this network is about to be completed with Earth undergoing a rebirth- the questions now is what does Kane want in return for his earth saving efforts? And how will the saga come to end? 

Command & Conquer 4 has brought in a different style of gameplay to previous offerings. Although somewhat similar to how Dawn of War works, it has a different approach.
Within the game you are given a maximum of 90 command points which you use to build units. There are no resources used in the game, the only limit to building units is the limited number of command points plus the time it takes. The main focus of a game is to be the first to 2500 points (this can be adjusted) or closest to 2500 points after the allotted time-frame is over. Scattered throughout the map are control points which speeds up your points acquisition. So the more control points you hold, the faster your point count increases, bringing you closer to victory. At the same time you need to upgrade your units, for which you need to collect Tiberium crystals. The problem is once a unit picks up a crystal, their speed and armour are severely reduced, making it a risky endeavour, but a necessary one none-the-less.

In Tiberian Twilight you''ll also come across the Crawler - a huge, mobile base that allows you to pack up and move your base along with your army. You can construct units, move them across the field and deploy them at anytime and anywhere you like. This, together with the time factor, translates into never ending action, since even if your Crawler is destroyed, you will be able to bring in a new one to rejoin the fight after a bit of time. (Tip: If your opponent is camping in your deployment zone, bring in your Crawler right in on top of their units - they will be instantly destroyed.)

Within the game you get to make a choice between three unique classes from both GDI and Nod, each class (offense, defense and support) sporting its own specialised units and powers, allowing for more strategic options. The fact that you can change your class during the game if your plans are not working, adds another interesting level of strategy to the game.

All of this adds up to one very action packed and frantic battle, requiring a lot of micromanagement. You will be kept busy attacking your opponent or defending against attacks, capturing or defending control points at the same time as having to send a unit to fetch a Tiberium crystal and return it to your base for upgrade points.
New Features
In Tiberian Twilight you can tackle the campaign by yourself or hook up with a friend and play cooperatively. You also have access to the largest C&C multiplayer available, choosing to play as your favourite class in 5 vs. 5 objective-based battles. The new party system makes it possible to move with your mates from one online battle to the next.


Overall, the game is well polished with just a few niggles. The new gameplay style is fresh and exciting and you''re never left bored waiting for something to happen. The online multiplayer element gives the game longevity, with the co-op campaign an excellent addition. Mixed with a leveling system, it will give players who enjoy level advancement something to keep themselves occupied with. Command and Conquer 4 brings a fitting end to one of the most popular gaming series ever. Farewell Kane, it has been many many years for you!

(Written in conjunction with Jason Silva)

Without a doubt the new gameplay. It does a fantastic job at keeping you constantly entertained.
The biggest problem with the game was the unit movements. Your units have an annoying tendency to bump into each other, delaying your response time in critical situations.

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