By Andrew Gould 6 October 2008


The Pokemon franchise has been rolling in the dough for Nintendo for well over a decade now and with the release of this new version for the DS Lite, it seems unlikely that the money well will run dry anytime soon.

Pokemon are creatures, that you, as a Pokemon Trainer must capture and train to use them against the Pokemon (or is it Pokemons?) of your opponents. In this way you can capture more and more Pokemon until you are the Pokemon champion.

In this latest version of the game there are hundreds of Pokemon to encounter, capture, train, and battle.


In Diamond you are introduced to over a hundred new Pokemon, so this is not a game you can play in one sitting, not unless you can stay awake for days.

This is certainly the best of the Pokemon games so far, but if fast paced action is your thing, then this might not be the game for you.

Tons of new Pokemon, online play and a well executed presentation
The touchscreen controls could have been more engaging.

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