By Brigitte 27 July 2009


Patapon is most probably the best game ever made for the PSP. It was brilliant in its simplicity and came at a time when rhythm games were just beginning to make a serious dent in the gaming world. For months after finishing it I would find myself doing ordinary tasks like washing the dishes and singing "pata pata pata pon."

So how does the sequel, Patapon 2, measure up?

The game kicks off with a little introduction showing your humble rhythmic followers making a voyage by sea to "Earthend." All is going well until they are attacked by a huge octopus and shipwrecked on a land packed with new enemies. Patapon 2 follows the same formula as the original and the first few missions serve as a tutorial to the basics of gameplay. Once done you\'ll be sending custom squads of appendaged eye balls to their deaths as you battle through swamps, storms and castles.

What I loved about the original was its addictiveness. I\'d spend hours trying to get the legendary weapons and played one night until the sun came up saying, "just one more mission." I\'m happy to report that Patapon 2 is even more addictive as there\'s now heaps more weapons and quests as well as over 20 different patapons that you can evolve and upgrade. And each new patapon has a different hat ranging from leaves to antlers. They\'re all just so damn cute!

If you\'ve played the original you have to get this new one because you\'ll appreciate the new depth. And if you have a PSP and havent played Patapon yet go buy it now. You\'ll thank me later.

Tons of new weapons, character upgrades and quests
Game gets a little fiddly at times

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