By Hanleigh Daniels 28 June 2013


The Carcharias headset forms part of Razer’s professional gaming arsenal that specifically targets gamers rather than audiophiles. Does it have enough feature bullets in the chamber to take out all other gaming headset rivals?

Audio cables from the likes of Beats, Monster, and Skullcandy are normally around 1-1.5 meters long, which is simply not long enough for gamers whose headset cable often needs to stretch to reach the gaming rig below their desk. Luckily, Razer provides a whopping three meter long braided fiber cable that is so long Rapunzel could have used it to climb down from her tower.

Comfortable over the long gaming haul

The headset’s design is surprisingly understated, featuring an all-plastic, all black look with no glow-in-the-dark logos or flashing LED lights present. It’s really comfortable to employ during extended gaming sessions, thanks to the large ear cups being covered with a soft foam, as well as the headband benefitting from a good deal of cushioning. You can also adjust the size of the headset to fit gamers with bigger-sized heads.  

Razer’s Carcharias sports an in-line remote with volume control plus a microphone on/off switch. This remote is a bit bigger than the one you would find on a pair of headphones targeting music fans, making them easier to locate on-the-fly, especially mid game. A clip further enables users to attach the inline controller to their shirt, which can be handy if you prefer this to remain at a set location.

The headset’s mic also includes noise cancellation technology, allowing for crystal clear chats during multiplayer gaming sessions. This mic is placed on a sturdily constructed boom, which can be conveniently positioned out of sight when not in use.

Audio performance

As a dedicated gaming headset, the Carcharias impressed us with its clear, undistorted audio performance and decent dollop of bass, thanks to its 40 mm drivers. The latter are able to crank out more than 100 dB, enabling loud playback of gaming sound or music.

Even though this is a gaming headset, we did listen to music and utilised the headphones for a more personal movie watching experience. We found that the Carcharias delivered distortion free tunes even when you crank the volume up and also impressed with its bass response,

However, it is no match for more expensive, dedicated music headsets, the likes of the Monster Inspiration when it comes to overall audio quality.

To the point

Razer’s Carcharias delivers a solid audio experience when gaming and can keep its own when going up against dedicated music headsets, at least in terms of volume and bass levels. We also loved its super long tangle-free audio cable that even allowed us to watch a series on our PC’s large full HD screen at night while in bed with the headset on. The Carcharias Professional PC gaming headset carries a recommended retail price of R750.

Really long audio cable; clear sound even at the highest volumes; good dollop of bass; noise cancelling mic
No frills design is a bit dull; dedicated music headsets deliver better quality sound when listening to music or watching movies.

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