By Mike Joubert 2 March 2018


At R350 iFrogz’s Coda wireless headphones provided decent enough sound for the price point, but was simply not comfortable enough for extended periods of wear. With the Aurora Wireless headphones iFrogz has address this problem, providing a good looking over-the-head unit that’s far easier on the ears.

Style-wise iFrogz did a smart job. The all black unit we received for review came with an interesting cross pattern design on the headband, a shimmering detail on the earcups and an overall size that does not emphasise the fact that you are wearing over-the-head headphones. There’s no metal in sight, instead it’s plastic all the way, but overall the Aurora is a big improvement on the Coda.

This holds true for comfort on your ears too. iFrogz incorporated a far softer sponge on the cups, making it easier to wear for extended periods of time. The headband is also supported with soft cushioning, although I have my doubts on how long these will last before the outer layer starts wearing through – a common problem.

The Aurora is wireless, connecting via Bluetooth to your phone or PC. Setup was easy and battery life is in the region of about seven hours, with claims from iFrogz that it can reach ten hours. There is also a 3.5 mm cable that comes in the box.

On the left earcup you’ll find the controls for the skipping tracks (left and right) and volume control (up and down), while pressing the centre pauses the music. You can of course also take or reject calls using the controls on the side. While these work, the plasticky click reminds one that the Aurora is not high-end.   

When it comes to sound, earcups mostly play second fiddle to in-ear units. Although decent at the price point, the Aurora does not quite set your ears alight when it comes to sound quality. Higher tones are a bit muddied, while a tad more bass would have been appreciated. With 40 mm drivers, these are earphones that will serve you well in general, but those wanting crystal clear clarity, well, you should ideally be conducting your search in a higher price bracket.

Talking of which, the iFrogz Aurora Bluetooth headphones comes with a recommended retail price of R700 but can be found for about R500 online. For that price they will serve you well as an all-purpose wireless solution.

Good looking, decent price
Sound a bit muddy, good looking but still plastic

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