By Hanleigh Daniels 8 June 2010


With a name like Atom you’d expect this USB drive from Imation to be tiny, and it sure doesn't disappoint. The 8 GB Atom is less than 5 mm thick and just under 30mm in length, competing in size with a paperclip. As a result it is hassle-free to carry with your keys and also comes with a convenient keyring, seeing that, due to its tiny size, it's just as easy to lose it.

Imation ships the Atom drive with their Lock software which offers password protection. This means that in the event of loss or theft access to drive information is restricted. It also offers drive partitioning capabilities, letting you set the size of the secure and public storage areas. The info stored in the public area will be visible to anyone using the drive, while the password is required to view data stored on the private area. 

It retails at about R340 (excl. VAT), which is a fair bit more expensive than flash drives offering the same amount of space, but we suppose size matters. Call Angie at Imation SA on 083-453-5451 for more info. 

Extremely compact and features software for password protection and drive partitioning.
Premium pricetag and prone to get lost due to its small size.

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