By Hanleigh Daniels 28 January 2010


Verbatim’s InSight 500 GB portable hard-drive can squeeze nicely into your Levis and won't feel out of place, being a fashionable item itself. While USB-powered and weighing  a mere 165 g, it’s also elegant and trendy too, appearing in a glossy black finish with the thin exterior only momentarily interrupted by the sleekly curved front that sports the LCD. 
The Insight features Always On display technology, meaning the small 32 x 128 pixel LCD at the front of the unit displays the name you’ve given the drive as well as how much free space there is remaining on it. It's quite handy since it shows this info even when it’s not plugged into a PC or notebook, so you don't need to connect it to know how much space you have available. 
Nero BackItUp 4 back-up software comes supplied with the InSight. It''s easy enough to install and to make use of, and you can set it up to automatically sync your folders every time you connect the device to your PC. This however might mean you’ll have to wait a little for the synchronisation to finish before trying to watch a movie or listen to some music that is stored on the drive, otherwise there’ll be some lag. You can also rest easy knowing that you can use BackItUp 4 to restore a back-up if your PC or notebook crashes and you lose all your data.
The hard-drive’s distinctive Always On display feature, compact design and fast transfer rate make it a very desirable piece of equipment. It comes with a two year limited warranty and is available with a RRP of R1400.
Compact and light, back-up software included, Always on display shows available space.

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