By Thomas McKinnon 26 November 2008


The Silver mobile hard drive from Packard-Bell is ideal for notebook users as you can literally carry this petite device in your pocket. The device weighs only 150g and has a footprint of 131 x 78 x 12mm, making it the slimmest mobile drive currently available.

The 2.5-inch drive can hold up to 250GB of data or in laymen’s terms 180 000 photos, 50 000 songs or 320 videos. As a bonus the device also comes with an automatic backup software suite so as to ensure the wellbeing of your data.

Packard-Bell has always excelled in the design department. The Silver is as its name suggests silver in colour, but with orange detail along its aluminium casing. But the two defining features of the drive are its power saving technology, aptly named PowerSave, as well as the fact that it is USB powered. PowerSave Technology is said to reduce the device’s power  consumption by 50% to 80% as the device is automatically powered down if it is not in use or should you shut down your PC. While a USB powered device carries the advantage of not requiring a power supply beyond that of your notebook or PC.

The Silver does exactly what it is supposed to do and it looks good while doing it.

Its power saving technology and the fact that it is USB powered make it ultraportable.
It suffers from some compatability issues with things like consoles and media players due to it being USB powered.

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