By Andrew Gould 6 August 2008


Data projectors used to be extremely expensive. In fact prices really didn’t seem to move for a very long time. This was quite strange as everything else in the IT sector seemed to be getting cheaper, but finally things are changing and there are now not just expensive and extremely expensive projectors out there.

The Epson EMP-X5 is one in a line of Epson projectors especially designed for use in an education environment. This means that we are dealing with a projector that is meant to work day in and day out for years. Schools and universities are notoriously under funded, so they want to buy once and have the thing work and work and work. The Epson is ideal for schools or universities where teachers or lecturers have to move about from class to class, as it is entirely mobile and quick to set up. The EMP-X5 is rated at 2000 ANSI Lumens in High Brightness mode meaning that even in very bright school rooms you can see what is being projected. Another nice feature that needs a mention is the “Instant Off” shutdown that Epson has developed. Most people who are ­projector novices might get quite tense when trying to shutdown other projectors as they take an age to shut down.

The Epson also features an audio/visual mute cover, which slides over the lens and ­allows you to pause your projection ­temporarily, allowing your audience to focus on what you have to say. We really like the auto keystone correction. The keystone effect is what happens when the ­projector is sitting on a table, pointing upwards at a screen. The image projected is larger at the top than at the bottom. The EMP-X5 compensates automatically for this problem as you position what you’re projecting onto the screen.

Get it for R8999 (incl VAT) from Computer ­Corporation on 08616-08616.

It has an ?«£instant off??? shutdown, offers good image quality, and is networkable.
It offers no HDMI or DVI inputs and the contrast ratio could be better.

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