By Thomas McKinnon 8 August 2008


Two is better than one, but six is better still. At least this is the philosophy adopted by LG’s new Flatron range the L206WU. Just look at how many letters and numbers it has in its name and you instantly understand that LG holds Texans in high regard. Bigger. Better. More.

The L206WU is a 20.1" widescreen LCD with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1680 x 1050. Nothing special you say. Well it has a white casing which is in stark contrast to its pitch black LCD, that is until the display lights up. It’s not as snazzy as a Mac you say. Well daisy-chaining is no longer a little girl’s activity; it’s the stuff that men, or at least tech heads, are made of. The L206WU has a unique ability, the power to connect to your PC via USB 2.0 due to its DisplayLink video chip. What’s more you can daisy-chain up to six of these displays using nothing more than USB2.0 to link; with only your master display connected to your PC. By any square eyed standards that’s cool. The bottom line is that DisplayLink makes connecting more than one display to a PC simpler and cheaper, need more be said?

With the falling prices of flat screens such as these it is literally a no brainer to invest in more than one display. This might sound like excess but rest assured once you try it you’ll never go back. Productivity is a good enough justification, or at very least a valid excuse. The L206WU is a prime choice as you’ll be hard pressed to find a better performing display in terms of contrast ratio, sharpness, and colour quality. 

Get it from Computer Corporation.

The DisplayLink makes connecting more than one display to a PC simpler and cheaper.
Narrow viewing angle, no HDCP support, running on USB uses CPU resources.

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