By Mike Joubert 6 August 2009


If you live in a smallish apartment, watching a 42” LCD screen won’t necessarily be an engrossing experience, since the optimum viewing distance needed for you to really appreciate the quality of the screen probably isn\'t optimal for the layout of your TV room. 

That’s why LG’s 27” M2794A wide LCD monitor is the kind of size solution needed for a small TV area, or as a personal monitor in a room. The monitor offers the best of both worlds, as it can be used both as a PC monitor and as a TV, LG having included a digital TV tuner. This makes it perfect for playing your Xbox, switching over to the news on and then watching a movie stored on the hard disk of your PC.
The M2794A is a full HD monitor at 1080p (1920 x 1080 progressive scan), with two HDMI ports through which you can hook up all your HD equipment like a Blu-ray player or Xbox or PS3. Trust us; there is a big difference in graphic quality when playing games on an HD TV hooked up properly through HDMI.
The monitor’s 20000:1 contrast ratio provides solid blacks, while its 5 ms response time delivered on the gaming side as ghosting was not an issue. Sound quality was sufficient in most cases.  
Using the M2794A screen as a PC monitor seems to be better suited for graphic design work, as you can feel a bit swamped doing spreadsheets behind 27” worth of LCD screen space. Sitting too closely to the monitor is also not recommended as optimum viewing distance becomes an issue.
The RRP on the LG M2794A is R6499, while its 23” little brother, the M2394A retails for R4499. Contact LG Electronics South Africa on 011-571-6700.
2 x HDMI ports, digital TV tuner, full HD.
Stand is a bit plasticy but that is about it.

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