By Thomas McKinnon 16 July 2009


The AirLive AirMax5 is an all-in-one wireless 5GHz CPE. If you are looking for a cost effectively way to build a wireless outdoor network then this device is the ideal solution.

The most impressive thing about the device is its ­multiple ­operation modes ­function. It can be used in ­Access Point, Client, Wireless Distribution System, or Wireless Internet Service Provider mode. This means you can use it to ­access a network via a wireless device, bridge networks, and even provide others with ­network ­access.

The AirMax5 has an ­integrated 14dBi 5 GHz antenna, can be powered via Ethernet (up to 100 meters) and sports a high grade anti-UV casing. When ­considering that it can provide wireless ­coverage over a ­distance of 3 km, thanks largely to its 108 Mbps ­Atheros 11a radio, the AirMax 5 really is a powerful unit. The fact that it cost just R1249 (excl VAT) makes it ­affordable as well.

Call Nology for more info on 012-657-1317.

It can cover a 3 km radius and offers the ability to manage total or per user bandwidth use.
Initial setup is a bit of a hassle and you need to purchase a wall mount if the pole mount won???t do.

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