By Thomas McKinnon 29 October 2008


What, you might ask, is the difference between the Billion BiPAC7402NX we are reviewing this month and the 7402GX we reviewed in June? Well for starters this one has three antennas as opposed to one. 

There is a very simple explanation for this; it is designed for advanced wireless networking for home and small office users. Basically three antennae mean the chances of dead zones occurring in your office space are greatly reduced as the router can detect wireless signals and automatically adjust to the optimal connection after obstacles are detected.

Like the GX, the NX is ADSL2+ compliant. It also has a USB port for a 3G modem which is really handy if you require a 3G backup. This feature also means you can create your own WiFi hotspot wherever a 3G Broadband connection is available – handy if you host corporate events etc. Besides its wireless capability the NX also has four Ethernet ports for wired networks making it an all round router solution.

Throw the fact that it offers a secure VPN connection and can support a data rate of up to 300Mbps into the mix and it becomes clear that this is a brilliant product. Get it for R2999 (incl VAT) from Matrix Warehouse on 011-869-2614.

The BiPAC7402 is a fast router that is packed with features including mobile broadband support.
Getting the 3G support working is a bit problematic.

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