By Andrew Gould 6 June 2008


<p style="\&quot;font-weight:" bold;\"="">What does overclocking mean? It is when you make a few ­modifications to your PC resulting in more speed, just like adding a turbo to your car would make it faster.

ASUS recently launched the new Rampage Formula ­motherboard in South Africa. With the ­innovative ­Pin-Fin Thermal Module, this ­motherboard ­provides quiet, ­efficient cooling that allows users to enjoy a more stable environment for overclocking. Additionally, the inclusion of the ­innovative overclocking ­technology, lets users obtain flexible CPU overclocking ­easily, even without prior over­clocking knowledge.

Now what does all this fancy PR talk come down to? It uses Intel’s X48 Chipset, comes with an HD sound card, 2x PCIe x16, and ­supports Intel Socket LGA775. It has a fantastic motherboard layout with loads of heat-sinks spread all around to keep it cooled (great ­thermal solution). We used an Intel Duo Core 8400E 3.0Ghz for ­testing purposes and one “novice journo overclocker”. Our novice journalist loaded up the software, set it to turbo mode plus some, and took the CPU clock up from 3Ghz to 3.4Ghz with ­standard air cooling. We ran a few stress test and voila, it ran all the time without any problems making our first time overclocker seem like a pro. All this while ­maintaining a 40?�C CPU temperature, up from 35?�C. For the overclocker ­enthusiast or hardcore gamer, this board, with its loads of bios tweaks and settings, great HD audio and 7 fan slots, is the bomb. It really hits the spot with its onboard reset functionality and plenty of built-in safe guards.

We can highly recommend this motherboard to anybody ­looking for a ­stable and solid foundation for their new high-end PC. The RRP is R3200. For more info, ­contact Glenn Ferreira from Axiz on 011-237-7425 or visit

Fantastic motherboard layout with loads of heat-sinks spread all around to keep it cooled.
It is expensive and may require further component upgrades.

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