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We’ve talked about Dropbox before and surely it must be one of the simplest ways to save (or sync) files in the cloud, to be retrieved either on other PCs or your Android (or other) phone.

The Dropbox app of course makes this process a whole of a lot easier, allowing you also to save pictures or videos from your phone to the cloud. Just watch those data charges.
If you’re anything like us you must have used to determine the speed of your internet connection. With their Android app you get to do the same with your smartphone connection.
It’s quick and fast, showing us in less than a minute that MTN on the Motorola Flipout is giving us a download speed of 1991 kbps and upload speed of 238 kbps.
The SmartRunner app is one of the easiest and best ways to track your running, hiking or biking route using a GPS enabled Android phone. Once connected your run is recorded very accurately without fuss.
SmartRunner keeps the interface clean to quickly give access to important data such as current speed and distance covered. After your run you can quickly upload it to their website to study your route and stats in more detail.
Slice It!
Maybe not as addictive as Angry Birds, but challenging it sure is. The Slice It! puzzle game allows you to cut things, more importantly cut it into the same surface area. Easy you might think, but wait till you’re past the introductory levels – it made us wish that we paid a little more attention in trigonometry class.

Slice It! should lead to a lot less frustration on larger, more accurate screens.


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