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131 Terabytes. MTN’s data carriage in April, up 31% from Dec 08.

10+ trillion. Pieces of data that the new knowledge engine Wolfram|Alpha carries.

>1 billion. Apps downloaded from the iPhone App Store since it opened last year June.

487,000,000,000 gigabytes. The global volume of digital content.

2,300%. The amount sales of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt rose by, after online sarcastic reviews went viral.

90.4%. Amount of email sent in May that was unsolicited spam.

60%. Percentage of Twitter users that leave the service after one month.

7 Million. The amount of people in the UK involved in illegal downloads.

27 Teraflops: Computing power of SA’s largest supercomputer.

10 to the power of 100: A Googol, from which the company name Google originated after a misspelling.

2,402,263: The number of Microsoft Certified Professionals worldwide.

500: The number of times you can print on a new paper-like material by Toshiba.

2329: The number of cybersquatting complaints filed in 2008 by trademark holders.

27: The number of PhDs produced in South Africa for every million people.

1 in 3: The number of journalists (who are bloggers) worldwide arrested by governments.

1 billion: The number of people on the Internet according to comScore

1. Is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. 2. Can be as bad as 1.


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