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5 MB. The capacity of the first Apple hard drive available in 1983.

17 billion. The estimated number of devices that will be connected to the Internet by the year 2012.

220 million. Tons of old PCs and other tech hardware trashed in the US each year.

24 million. The number of photos uploaded daily to Facebook.

42.2%. The percentage of Internet users that are Asian. 3.9% is African.

1.13 kg. The weight of the first cellphone.

1 million tons. The weight of a pinhead-sized piece of a neutron star.

$1 billion. The recently estimated value of Facebook.

1300%. Monthly growth of Twitter users in February 2009.

8. Hours you had to sit still to have your picture taken by the very first camera.

600 million. The number of telephone lines worldwide. Yet almost ½ the world\'s population has never made a phone call.

50%. The number of worldwide iPhone sales attributed to the US. 

1981. The first known case of robot homicide reported when a Kawasaki factory worker was crushed by a robot.

3 hours. The time a TV can run for by using the saved energy of one recycled aluminum can.
September 1998, Menlo Park, California. opens in a garage.
Electric ovens consume the most amount of electricity, followed by microwaves and central air conditioning.

Do you realize if it weren\'t for Edison we\'d be watching TV by candlelight?  ~Al Boliska

Harald Bluetooth. 10th century king of Denmark and Norway who united various tribes. Taking his name, Bluetooth today should unite technologies.

Iceland. The country with the highest concentration of broadband users in the world.


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