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The Internet is with little doubt one of the ­greatest inventions of the 20th ­Century and  search ­engines can be described as the best ­educational tool in the world.

Thus the web creates ­amazing opportunities for human ­development and ­c­ommunication. ­Opportunities do not, ­however, exist in ­isolation.

11 – the ­average age of an ­Internet user’s first ­exposure to ­pornography.

28 258 – the number of ­Internet users viewing ­pornography every second.

Of the top 20 search ­requests on the ­Internet, 20 are pornography related.

The ease with which ­children can access x-rated content is ­startling. For this reason it is ­important that ISPs share the responsibility by offering packages that meet the ­connectivity needs of the ­average family while negating some of the content risks.

XDSL has stepped-up to the challenge with their ­Family ADSL packages, a first in South Africa. They have rated some 2 million adult and ­malicious websites that are restricted from package users. Essentially they block adult and malicious sites at the ISP level, so you don’t need to. For the first time you can rest assured that it is that much more ­difficult for your child to access ­restricted sites ­unintentionally or ­otherwise. You can also ­submit sites you think should be blocked ­allowing you to flag sites you identify as a ­problem. The package will cost R80/Gig, which is a bargain for a little peace of mind.

For more info contact XDSL on 086-100-9375 or visit


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