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GOGGA ­Connect has an ­interesting claim to fame; it uses more data on the ­Vodacom ­network than any other ­subscriber.

This is due to the fact that Gogga is one South Africa’s only ­independent GSM wireless service provider ­selling its own ­tailored ­wireless Internet packages with the reliable support of the Vodacom ­network.

Although GOGGA provides data packages that cover the ­entire spectrum of data usage from high end corporate ­customers to the home user, GOGGA specialises in smaller monthly packages of less than 500MB. By providing a ­convenient selection of data packages at this level, GOGGA ­affords users the ability to have wireless ­Internet ­connectivity with the added advantage of simple upgrades as and when ­required. As an added bonus GOGGA has a ­number of ­customer service centers to assist with any problems or queries you may have, so you won’t be left high and dry in a crisis.

GOGGA also provides the latest hardware and software technology as part of its ­service offerings, for instance HSDPA products capable of speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. In the near ­future GOGGA will also be able to offer HSUPA at even more impressive speeds.

It’s little wonder then that GOGGA is one of the fastest growing Internet service providers in South Africa. Look out for their new ­offerings planned for release in December this year.

For more info contact GOGGA Connect on 08600-46442 or visit


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