By 24 November 2009 | Categories: web time wasters


If you find it difficult to choose ­between the new kid on the block Bing and trusty old Google, Bing Vs. Google gives you the best of both, side by side, SERP for SERP.

Type in your search terms into the query box and hit enter. You’ll ­receive the ­results from both search ­engines next to each other. If you like this you’ll also dig QoD’s search which spits out Twitter and Google searches next to each other. Unlike pages indexed by Google or Bing, Twitter results are based on time, that is real-time tweets, rather than relevance. This means you can see what people are saying about a topic right now. Twoogle does something similar, comparing search results between a variety of engines and mirco-blogging sites like Twitter. 


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