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ASAP Science is a prime example of the kind of gems that can be found online. The YouTube channel offers a great deal of fascinating insight into common experience, hosting several short videos that explain, in scientific yet engaging and easily understandable terms, certain phenomena.
These include motion sickness, overeating, procrastination, the power of naps, the creation of pearls, and the science of orgasms, amongst others. Each video is accompanied by real time drawings which illustrate the concepts discussed. New videos are added on a weekly basis.
Buffer is ideal for busy people who want to share content with their social networks in the most time-economical way possible. The site enables users to add content to their personal ‘buffer’, which is then automatically shared throughout the course of the day via  scheduled updates to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Users can find extensions for their browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and download apps for both iOS and Android in order to send content to one’s Buffer on the move.
A requirement common to most websites is the need for a username and password. However, if like us, you frequent multiple sites that rely on these measures for their security, the different usernames and passwords can quickly pile up. Instead of using the same combination for all sites, a better option is to rely on a password manager, which is where LastPass comes in.
Users can still employ multiple online credentials for different sites, while LastPass then relies on own master password to fill in the encrypted necessary details on one’s behalf for each site. The browser add-on is free to download, and offers a premium version as well.
Building a customised, distinctive site can take more than its fair share of labour. Squarespace aims to mitigate this by combining creating pages, blogs and galleries into one. Pages can be imported from Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogger, while Twitter posts and Instagram photos can be incorporated into the site.
Most importantly, the resulting site is scalable, meaning that it can be viewed on multiple devices and different screen sizes. While a 14 day trial is available, using Squarespace costs between $8 (R64) and $16 (R128) a month. Not interested in paying for a site? Check out
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