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The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library

Ever wanted to watch a movie but never seemed to have the time? Problem solved thanks to angry alien productions. This website allows you to see all your favourite movies in a sweet and short 30 seconds. Good, but what’s the selling point? Well it’s all re-enacted by bunnies. You can watch these animated rabbits act out the full story-line and plot of movies like Twilight, Die Hard and even the entire nine hours of Lord of the Rings all in half a minute.
Also check out for alternate endings to your favourite movies.
Map of Metal
Hardcore screaming and instrumental mayhem your idea of music? Map of Metal draws out a map, starting of with the bastard child of rock music, heavy metal, to show how all different types of rock relates to it. When clicking on a specific type of metal a history of the genre and several tracks to illustrate it will pop up.
Also, want to know how to link each and every artist or band to any other one ever in six degrees of separation? Check out the Six Degrees of Black Sabbath over at
Scale of the Universe
Prepare to have your mind blown with this flash application that lets you zoom in and out from the biggest collective universe, all the way down to the smallest theoretical quantum foam. Every level in size travelled is accompanied by some unbelievable facts and it will soon make you realise just how insignificant (or important) you really are. Going through this journey of our known universe will surely make for a well spent afternoon.
If you like this also check out
Chrome web store
Google Chrome is the internet browser of choice here in the office, with Google managing to make it even better by now introducing the Chrome webstore. Here you can purchase and download a multitude of applications, themes and free games, including the great new Tiger Woods online.
There are also Facebook apps that allows you to see if you’ve received new activity without actually opening the site. However you do need to download Google Crome first by clicking through to



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