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The biggest problem with the web is that it’s so incredibly big – more immense than the Grand Canyon, more expansive than the cast of characters in ER, almost (though not quite) larger than Donald Trump’s ego and therefore, sifting the good from the bad can be a challenge. This is where Twisted Sifter comes in.
The aggregator site collates and collects content from around the web in numerous  categories, including art and design, animals and nature, travel, humour, music, comic strips, while publishing a picture of the day every day. Additionally, it releases a weekly collection of the 25 funniest images, ten most interesting articles and five most entertaining videos found that week. Well worth a regular visit.
Based on the premise of helping right brained (creative people) turn their inspiration into action, 99% focuses to a large extent on exploring and fostering creativity. The site boasts a rather different array of categories under which articles are grouped, such as creative blocks, decision making, energy/fatigue, office dynamics, leadership and motivation.
As expected from a site focused on inspiration, it also hosts an extremely interesting collection of articles. These range from What Happened to Downtime?, The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space, the 10 laws of productivity to exploring what makes great ideas happen. The site is a regular winner at the annual Webby Awards.
For those who loved The Avengers (who didn’t?) the Hero Factory will be right up your darkened alley. The site enables one to create and customise one’s own male or female superhero, by customising the look of their hero’s face, upper and lower body from an extensive array of pre-sets for both genders.
Additionally, users can add emblems and weapons and customise the intricate colour detail of their character to make something wholly unique every time, whether one chooses to create just one hero or create an army of superheroes. Once done, you can elect to download or print your hero, complete with slick cartoon art background. The site is a complete and utter waste of time productivity wise, but it is almost as much fun as watching Loki being slammed into the ground repeatedly by The Hulk.
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