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If you are a cellphone nut, then is the perfect site for you!

Once you type in your phone make and model, there are literally thousands of themes, wallpapers, games, video clips and even text messages for you to download. The clincher is that they will all be compatible with your phone.

You can also contribute to the site by uploading your own stuff and if you register, the more you upload the higher ranked you become. You can create a profile, chat and make friends in the Zedge community as well as post messages on the forums.

But the best part about Zedge has to be the tools. With the tools you can personalise every aspect of your cell phone. Music Maker lets you upload your own music and make your own ringtones while Voice Maker lets you make voice ringtones by typing text and adding music, sound and effects.

On the visual side, there is the Personaliser which lets you create wallpapers based on your own images. There is also Wallpaper Maker where you can add text and effects to your photos to make your own wallpaper. And Screensaver Maker which enables you to add animated text to photos to create a unique screen saver.

The best feature of all is the Theme Maker. The Theme Maker is really easy to use and you can create any theme you like with it – you choose the images, the colour scheme and the ringtone to create your very own unique theme! will truly keep you busy for hours and your phone will be seriously pimped. And the cost of all of this? Absolutely nothing! There’s no reason not to go and check it out right now.


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