By Hanleigh Daniels 4 May 2010


Creative has always been a name associated with quality, reliability and good value, with their well priced SBS A200 speaker set no exception.
This 2.1 speaker set is made up of two elegant satellite speakers (6 x 7.5 x 17 cm) and a subwoofer (16 x 15 x 20 cm). The satellite speakers pack 2 Watts RMS worth of sound power each, whilst the subwoofer adds another 5 Watts to the equation. The total amount of speaker power is actually 1 Watt less than the Logitech Z320 Speaker System we tested previously, with the Logitech system producing that sound power without a subwoofer.

Although the A200’s sound doesn’t blast away the more expensive Z320 speakers (R499) in terms of power, it does have much better sound quality especially when it comes to bass, thanks to the addition of the A200’s subwoofer. There is a volume dial on one of the satellite speakers that also turns it on and off, but no dial for the bass or a separate volume control that sits on your table.   

The Creative SBS A200 speaker set is a solid solution for anyone looking for good quality sound at an affordable price. You can go to your nearest Computer Corporation (08616-08616) to purchase the A200 speaker set for R289.

Provides you with good sound quality at an affordable price.
No seperate controls for the bass.

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