By Hanleigh Daniels 14 June 2010


Whether you’re a road-warrior or just looking for speakers for your iPod, the Foldable Travel Speaker from Memorex is able to boost your sound power.
This compact speaker measures 228 x 162 x 35 mm and weighs in at under 0.6 kg. Its form follows function rather than fashion, as the speaker’s playing angle can be adjusted by means of a rotating pivot. You can find a suitable angle to blast the sound power from its dual 2 Watt speakers across the room and then fold it back down for easy storage. It also boasts a digital clock display that also displays the sound level; unfortunately it does not feature an alarm clock. 
You can easily set the clock, as well as the sound volume and music playability on the iPod (play, skip and pause) using the speakers’ controls. Unlike the Memorex miniMove Portable Boombox Mi3x, the Mi2290 speaker doesn’t ship with a remote or any preset equaliser settings and only allows the user to select an appropriate volume level. The sound quality is acceptable and it performs well in terms of volume level; it could however have done with some extra bass.      
The Foldable Travel Speaker charges via a two point power adaptor and will charge your iPod when plugged in. You can use four AA batteries to power the speaker but iPod charging functionality will be lost. It also sports a line in (3.5 mm jack) at the back of the unit that will enable you to connect other MP3 players or your cellphone to the speaker if you have the appropriate cable, as it doesn’t come with any additional connection cables. You do get a custom-fitted carry pouch with it though.    
You can get the Memorex Foldable Travel Speaker Mi2290 for approx. R820 (excl. VAT) from selected retail outlets. Call 083-453-5451 for more info.
Compact and light design, can be battery powered and charges your iPod while it is plugged in to the wall socket.
You can only adjust the volume, lacks bass and alarm functionality.

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