By Mike Joubert 23 February 2018


Mophie’s Power Capsule solves a problem that you didn’t actually know you had. I have been content to lug around wireless earphones without any protection and yank them out when need be. With the Mophie Power Capsule you now have a hard-shell case for protection. But it’s not just any case, as it also contains a battery inside to charge your device while carrying it around.

The 1400 mAh battery is enough to boot up your wireless earbuds for an extra 60 hours (according to Mophie), which certainly comes in handy on long-haul flights to the States or , where your batteries might not make it. If you’ve ever gone to the gym or running, only to be let down by your earphone’s batteries dying, then the Mophie Power Capsule is then definitely the solution you never knew you needed.

Included in the package is a small micro USB cable which connects to your earphones, while it also contains a micro USB port on the outside to power up the Capsule. There are small LED lights that indicates when it’s charging, while pressing a small button shows how much power the unit has remaining.

The Power Capsule is not just handy for earphones. It will also charge smaller electronic devices such as wearable, fitness trackers or portable modems if need be. It will recharge your smartphone, but it’s not ideal as it does so very slowly.

The bulk of the Mophie hard-case prevents it from being carried around in a pants pocket, being more comfortable in a rucksack or jacket pocket perhaps. If there is one piece of critique, it might be that the USB cable inside could have been a few centimetres shorter since it crowds the space inside, but that's a minor infraction.

There’s not much more to be said about the Mophie Power Capsule. It protects your wireless Bluetooth earbuds while simultaneously charging them, and doing so without any fuss. It will set you back R699 at Musica stores nationwide.

Does what it says on the box - keeps your headphones save and charged.
Charging cable is a bit long

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